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This is a general guide and rulebook. These rules are likely to change to be sure to check up regularly.

1. Don't ask for ranks/items.
2. Don't argue with staff. They are informed on the rules if you have a complaint fill out a report.
3. Don't argue with players. If you have a complaint fill out a report.
4. Don't ask other people to buy you items with IRL money. This is an bannable offense
5. Scamming IS allowed.
6. Don't disrespect/taunt/harass ANYBODY on the server. Were all here to mine.
7. Don't make any DDOS threats or hack threats directed towards the server. This is an bannable offense
8. No Spamming.
9. No Hacked Clients.
10. No All Caps.
11. No Block Glitching.
12. Do not impersonate staff. This is an bannable offense
13. No X-Ray/Resource packs to give you an advantage.

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