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  1. Community

    1. General Discussion

      Discussion about things related to the community.

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    2. Rules

      Server Rules and Website Rules.

    3. Gaming

      Discussion about games other than Minecraft.

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    4. Going Away Or Leaving

      Going to be absent for awhile? Let us know why!

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    5. Server/Website Suggestions

      Let us know what you think about the server or website!

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    6. Changelog

      Server Updates, also posted on discord!

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  2. Staff Applications

    1. Helper Applications

      Application to become a helper!

      (Be sure to use the provided format)

    2. Accepted Applications

      All the accepted staff applications are held here.

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    3. Denied Staff Applications

      All the denied staff applications are stored here.

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  3. Player Complaints + Unban Appeals

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